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Total Customer Analytics utilizes the following techniques to give you a complete customer analysis

Each of the techniques is described below:

Firmographic/Demographic Segmentation:  We describe your customer base by analyzing the percentage of customers using various firmographic (for businesses) and demographic (for consumers) variables.  Learn More

Market Penetration:  We provide you charts and maps illustrating the percentage of your customers in each market/industry/lifestage, your top penetration rate by each market/industry/lifestage, your top penetrated counties, and your penetration in the top markets/industries/lifestages. Learn More

Decile Analysis:  Decile analysis groups your customers into 10% categories by revenue or margin.  First, we show you how much of your revenue/margin is produced by the top 20% of your customers.  Often, you'll see some correspondence to the 80/20 rule, where 80% of your revenue/margin is produced by the top 20% of your customers. Learn More

RFM Scoring:  Recency, frequency, and monetary value (RFM) is a tested way to see who may respond to new offers.  Each customer is placed into deciles on each of these dimensions.  Learn More

Market Basket Analysis:  Market Basket Analysis (MBA) shows what products are purchased together for cross-selling and upselling opportunities.  Learn More

Customer Business Projection:  Using time-series methods, we project each customer's business with you over the next three years.  This assumes a business-as-usual approach, and you can use this information in a number of ways.  Learn More

Customer Potential:  The customer potential model performs a regression analysis on the top customers and applies it to the rest.  You can prioritize customers for development based on their potential.  Learn More

Geocoding:  We geocode each of your customers to add their latitude and longitude.  Where we find a valid street address, the latitude and longitude is precisely given at that address.  Learn More




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