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Customer Geocoding

One of the best and first customer analysis techniques it to geocode your customers and analyze their location.  While you may have a good feel about where your customers are located, geocoding and spatial analysis quantifies customer locations.  This may confirm your beliefs but also offer some surprises.

Street-Level Geocoding

Total Customer Analytics geocodes each of your customers to add their latitude and longitude.  Where we find a valid street address, the latitude and longitude is precisely given at that address. Depending on your business, this is often superior to just ZIP-code level geocoding, especially in the western U.S. where ZIP codes can be very large.  You also don't have to worry about periodic ZIP code realignments.

Customer Maps

Total Customer Analytics includes maps showing where your customers are located.  For instance, the map below shows customer locations across the continental U.S.

U.S Customers Map Example

In addition, we provide maps showing customer locations in your top 3 states.  For example, here's a map of Texas customers, the largest state in this example.

Texas Customers Map Example

Geographic Summaries

We also provide summaries by continent, world region, U.S. Census regions, states, Metropolitan Statistical Areas, and counties.  Shown below is a summary by state.

State Summary Map


Customer Map 


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