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Market Penetration

To eliminate noise and allow you to pinpoint your marketing efforts, we look at the geographic markets that account for 80% of your business and either industries (businesses) or lifestage (consumers) that account for 80% of your business.  We then provide you with the percentage of possible penetration for both of these dimensions individually and in combination.  We give you charts and maps illustrating the percentage of your customers in each market/industry/lifestage, your top penetration rate by each market/industry/lifestage, your top penetrated counties, and your penetration in the top markets/industries/lifestages.

This example shows your penetration by industry:

Market Penetration Industry

This map shows your penetration by county:

Market Penetration Map

The chart below shows your market penetration in the top 15 geographical markets:

Market Penetration Top 15 Geographies



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